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Board Game Podcasts is a collection of podcast feeds that have at least one thing in common: The included podcasts talk (at least a little) about board games and related games. Most board game related podcasts include reviews, chatter about the games hit our tables, or even what's going on the industry. We might even talk about other things besides modern board games, but you won't find podcasts that focus on gambling.

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Modern board games are also known as parlor games, board games, classic games, card games, dice games, war games, designer board games, German board games, Eurogames, and American style board games.

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On Board Games
On Board Games
Host: Donald Dennis

A show about board and card games. The guys of On Board Games discuss games from the viewpoints of new and expert players, reviewers, and people from the industry, to allow listeners insight into the gaming hobby so they can enjoy games more thoroughly.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
OBG 139: Board Game Brunch 1:42:03 08/18/2014 In this episode, Don and Erik are joined by Suzanne Sheldon to talk about apps and electronics in games. In the review-a-palooza, Don and Erik review: Star Realms King's Forge Magnum Opus Formu…
OBG 138: Counter Productive 1:50:16 08/03/2014 In this episode, Don and Erik are joined by Brian Counter to talk about older games and gaming while visually impaired. In the review-a-palooza, Don and Erik review: Rockwell Race Formula 90 Pow…
OBG 137: Marketing... What is it Good For? 1:53:32 07/20/2014 In this episode, Don and Pete are joined by Nate Brett to talk about marketing and board games. In the review-a-palooza, Don and Erik review: Hanabi Infiltraion Concordia The Game of Life …
OBG CFE 4: Core Worlds Digital 1:23:34 07/15/2014 In this episode, Don and Jason talk Storm-Con, excessive dice, and persnickety snark while talking with Stephen Buonocore and Andrew Parks about Core Worlds Digital.
OBG 136: Tabletop Deathmatch 1:57:07 07/06/2014 In this episode, Don and Erik are joined by Meg McGinley to talk about Pack the Pack and the Tabletop Deathmatch she participated in. Link to Tabletop Deathmatch Pack the Pack kickstarter In the re…
OBG 135: On Board with Alan Moon 1:37:18 06/22/2014 In this episode, Don is joined by Scott Nicholson and Alan Moon to talk about Ticket to Ride and Alan's other work. In the review-a-palooza, Don and Erik review: Chronosphere Marvel Legendary: Pa…
OBG:CFE003 - Tiny Epic Defenders 43:11 06/21/2014 In this episode, Jason and Donald talk about meta experiences, money woes, and chip-flipping all while interviewing Michael Coe and Scott Almes from Gamelyn Games about their Kickstarter campaign for …
OBG 134: Party On, Don 1:30:39 06/08/2014 In this episode, Erik and Don are joined by Bruce Voge from the Party Game Cast (Featuring the Party Game Cast) to talk about party games. Due to the length of the episode, there is no review-a-paloo…
OBG:CFE002 - Realm of Heroes 50:06 06/01/2014 On this episode of On Board Games: Crowdfunding Edition, Jason and Donald discuss sucky air conditioning,  internet trolls, and lightning storms with Sean Brown from Mr. B Games as well as his Ki…
OBG 133: Play It Again, Isaac 2:11:53 05/26/2014 In this episode, Don and Erik are joined byIsaac Shalev to talk about repeated plays in games. In the review-a-palooza, Don and Erik review: Evolution The Cards of Cthulhu Rampage Steam Expansi… maintained by David Pinilla of Spooky Outhouse Productions.